Information About Family Dentistry Services

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3D impressions are taken using the technology of intraoral cameras to capture digital images of the mouth and teeth for more accurate restorations.

3D oral imaging offers a full view of the mouth and teeth for a comprehensive assessment of your oral health and any possible issues.

A bite analysis can identify a poor bite or a dental malocclusion by assessing how the teeth fit together through a series of examinations.

Routine professional dental cleanings help you to maintain and improve your oral health and can help to catch any areas of decay or disease.

Comprehensive dental examinations allow for preventive treatment of oral disease, tooth decay, as well as an evaluation of your bite and jawbone.

Dental sealants provide protection from cavities and tooth decay through the use of thin coating placed on the back teeth in the mouth.

Dentures can be provided for both full and partial restoration of the upper and/or lower arch in order to restore the full functionality of teeth.

Digital x-rays provide a thorough image of your teeth and gums that can be used to diagnose any occurring dental and/or oral conditions.

Emergency dental care is offered after a trauma or injury to the teeth, mouth, or jaw and can be imperative to restoring your oral health.

Family dental care allows every member of your family the ability to maintain, restore, and/or enhance their oral health through various treatments.

Custom-made mouth guards help to protect the teeth and jaw during physical contact sports as well as low impact sports to preserve your oral health.

Night guards help to combat the effects of teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, in order to protect both the teeth and jaw while you sleep.

TMJ therapy can include multiple different treatments in order to treat the unpleasant symptoms and side effects of TMD that affect the jaw.