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Getting physical impressions of your mouth used to be regarded as a lengthy and at times uncomfortable procedure. Physical impressions ask that you bite into a molding material for extended intervals, which can be problematic for individuals with a strong gag reflex. That is the reason why dentist Dr. Lauren Shanard is pleased to offer a modern solution to physical molds with 3D impressions. Utilizing the innovative technology of intraoral cameras, 3D (also called electronic) impressions take exact scans of your mouth. This allows us to make an exact model of your mouth, which may be used to make dental crowns, implants, inlays, onlays, dentures, and much more. If you are needing restorative dental care, eliminate the time and stress of physical molds using 3D impressions at Contemporary Dental Arts in Williston, VT.

Best Candidates

Digital impressions are ideal for individuals of all ages that have a sensitive gag reflex and/or patients who wish to stay away from the stress of physical molds. Dr. Shanard uses digital impressions if you want a custom dental restoration, like a bridge, crown, onlay, inlay, dentures, or even removable orthodontic aligners (such as ClearCorrect or Invisalign). Digital impressions are ideal for producing precise digital versions of your mouth, which may be sent straight to a dental lab or to our CEREC machine.

What to Expect

In this process, you may relax in a treatment chair while Dr. Shanard moves a little scanning wand all around your mouth. This instrument uses safe wavelengths to exactly capture all regions, crevices, and corners of your mouth. Once the scan is complete, an image of your teeth will soon show up on the screen. If any areas were overlooked during the first scan, then a simple re-scan will be performed to capture the necessary areas, as opposed to utilizing physical molds that would necessitate the whole procedure to be redone.


After your scans are completed, they'll be sent to a dental laboratory or our CEREC system. As soon as your orthodontic or restoration treatment is created from your scans, Dr. Shanard will will finish your therapy. She will keep your 3D impressions in your file. This can make it faster in case you want a new restoration and also to compare changes in your mouth.


One of our team members will help determine your benefits through your insurance carrier. We're happy to work together with you to make sure that the payment process is easy and gladly offer many financing options including in-house. We are also happy to help you attain low-interest medical financing with CareCredit® and Lending Club®.

3D Dental Impressions

Digital scans at Contemporary Dental Arts are a great alternative to uncomfortable and messy dental molds. Utilizing innovative technology, we will digitally scan a precise impression to get an efficient dental restoration in significantly less time. Contact our office in Williston, VT now to schedule your appointment with Dr. Shanard.

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