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To effectively brighten your smile, Contemporary Dental Arts is pleased to provide cosmetic teeth whitening with KöR. Teeth whitening treatments utilize advanced whitening formulas that will help you see great improvements and allow your teeth to appear several shades lighter. The KöR whitening system may be great for you if you have particular issues, such as dental sensitivity, fluorosis, dark age stains, or discoloration brought on by tetracycline (a medication usually utilized in the treatment of diseases and chronic acne). Dentist Dr. Lauren Shanard will personalize your cosmetic teeth whitening system according to your objectives, needs, and much more to give you great results. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Shanard at our office in Williston, VT to find out more information on whitening methods and to receive your custom plan of office and/or home treatments.

Best Candidates

You may be a candidate for cosmetic teeth whitening if your teeth are healthy but have yellow discoloration. Your teeth could be dull from aging, staining drinks and foods, tobacco usage, or other factors. KöR whitening systems have been uniquely designed to treat patients who have specific concerns and internal teeth stains that other home and professional whitening products can't treat. KöR may be a good choice if you have fluorosis (stripes or lines on the teeth from excessive fluoride when the teeth were growing), discoloration or stains from aging (dark geriatric staining), and discoloration caused by taking a tetracycline medicine when you were young. In your initial consultation, Dr. Shanard will evaluate the health of your teeth and help you create your custom teeth whitening program.

What To Expect

A teeth whitening treatment program can include in-office and/or home treatments based upon your situation and cosmetic goals. Dr. Shanard will discuss your unique treatment program and schedule your appointments or make your home whitening kit. For a home whitening kit, Dr. Shanard will take impressions of your mouth and also have custom trays made. Prior to office procedures, you'll receive a cleaning. This eliminates tartar and plaque accumulation to get better outcomes.

Home Teeth Whitening

You can attain your whitening goals with the following KöR home whitening choices:

  • KöR-Day is used for a brief time period, making it perfect for patients who have sensitive teeth. The 9% hydrogen peroxide formula may be worn 1 – 2 times a day for about two weeks.
  • KöR-Night is used overnight for fast improvements. The 16% carbamide peroxide formula should be applied each night for about two weeks.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

For difficult cases or for faster improvements, there are several in-office KöR whitening treatments:

  • KöR MAX combines one in-office procedure of 34% tri-barrel hydremide peroxide gel with two weeks of KöR-Night. This is ideal for patients that do not have any particular requirements and want fast improvements.
  • KöR ULTRA is good at treating teeth discolored by dark geriatric staining of fluorosis. It begins with an in-office conditioning therapy of 13% hydremide peroxide gel, then 3 – 4 weeks of KöR-Night. Next, one in-office procedure with 34% hydremide peroxide gel is done.
  • KöR ULTRA-T is one of the few remedies that can whiten teeth discolored by tetracycline. To begin, an in-office conditioning procedure with 13% hydremide peroxide gel is done. Afterward, KöR-Night is used in the home for 6 – 8 weeks. Finally, the procedure is finished with an in-office procedure of 34% hydremide peroxide gel.


Once you've finished your teeth whitening program and reached your goal, you might want a home treatment kit to use when needed to revive your teeth. To maintain your results, you should have a great home oral hygiene routine with regular flossing and brushing. You should also schedule bi-annual cleanings at Contemporary Dental Arts to eliminate plaque and polish away stains. You may also consider skipping or restricting staining foods and beverages, such as berries, coffee, red wine, and using tobacco.


Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure so it's usually not covered through dental insurance. In your initial consultation with Dr. Shanard, she will explain the expenses of every method of teeth whitening so your treatment plan will meet your goals and budget. Contemporary Dental Arts takes many forms of payment, and we also will help you find low-interest medical financing through CareCredit® and/or Lending Club®.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Find out more information on the various cosmetic teeth whitening remedies offered at Contemporary Dental Arts. With special formulas to meet your needs and wants, dentist Dr. Shanard will personalize your treatment strategy to deliver your very best outcomes. Schedule an appointment at our practice in Williston, VT.

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