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Contemporary Dental Arts offers oral health care to people of all stages of life and ages, including babies, young children, teenagers, adults, women who are pregnant, and adults over the age of 55. Dentist Dr. Lauren Shanard provides a wide range of general, preventive, cosmetic, and restorative procedures for each of our Williston, VT patients. At yearly dental exams, Dr. Shanard will assess your teeth, gums, and jaw to detect any concerns, discuss treatment options, and suggest ways to prevent future problems from occurring. Dr. Shanard also suggests that patients receive a twice yearly professional cleaning to help maintain their general oral health. Contact our office in Williston, VT to make an appointment for yourself and your family.

Best Candidates

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that infants should visit the dentist before they turn one. Children may develop tooth decay and cavities as early as two years old, so it's important for your children to get preventive procedures and if needed, treatment. After that, you and every member of your family need to make appointments at Contemporary Dental Arts every six months. Everyone, at any age, should contact Contemporary Dental Arts if they are experiencing any discomfort, pain, or problems in their mouth. When the problem is caught quickly, you can have less invasive options for treatment that are often more successful.

What to Expect

A regular dental appointment will include a dental exam and professional cleaning. Additional treatments may be suggested if needed. Prior to any procedure, Dr. Shanard will talk to you about the options and methods recommended for you or your child to correct issues, such as misaligned teeth, cavities, and more. Dr. Shanard can also recommend proactive procedures, such as treatments with fluoride and sealants for children with developing teeth.


At the end of each dental visit, Dr. Shanard will help you come up with an individual plan to maintain your family's oral health. A key element is having a good home oral hygiene regimen, which means regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwash use. Dr. Shanard or a member of her team can demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques or suggest products for specific concerns. Routine visits to Contemporary Dental Arts will also help Dr. Shanard watch your family's dental health and catch minor issues before they develop into bigger issues.


While general dental services are typically paid for by dental insurance, our team will make sure to check with your insurance carrier and then bill you if there are any additional expenses. Contemporary Dental Arts takes several payment methods, and we will give you more information on medical financing to help make your treatment more affordable.

Family Dental Care

At any age or stage of life, it is important to protect your smile and take preventive measures against oral conditions. We try to make visits to the dentist enjoyable at Contemporary Dental Arts, so your whole family can have beautiful, healthy mouths going forward. To learn more about our services or to make an appointment with Dr. Shanard, contact our office in Williston, VT.

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