Implant-Retained Crowns in Williston, VT

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Conventional crowns are put over a decayed or damaged tooth to help support and protect it. An implant-retained crown may be used to replace a lost tooth. Most frequently, an implant-retained crown restores a single lost tooth, but sometimes two teeth could be combined and connected to one implant. The dental implant helps hold the crown and makes it durable against grinding, chewing, and other factors. Your crown is selected to blend with the shape and color of your other teeth to give you a beautiful and natural smile. As one of the most recent advancements in advanced dentistry, dentist Dr. Lauren Shanard is very happy to offer implant-retained dental crowns to provide her patients long-lasting outcomes. Contact Contemporary Dental Arts in Williston, VT to find out more about implant-retained dental crowns as a means to restore lost teeth.

Best Candidates

The perfect patient for getting an implant-retained crown would be a person with overall good jaw and gum health who is missing a couple of teeth. Missing a tooth is much more than just a cosmetic issue since it can make it difficult to smile, eat, and talk. It can also cause movement in your other teeth, which makes your bite uneven. An implanted crown could be a choice to replace an older bridge if you'd like a sturdier restoration with fewer diet restrictions. Before advocating an implant-retained crown, Dr. Shanard will discuss all possible choices for replacing your lost tooth/teeth, and plan the ideal form of treatment for your particular needs and goals.

What to Expect

Your procedure for getting an implant-retained crown generally occurs in two appointments and might take several months. The first step of the process is implant surgery where the post in placed in the jawbone. There's a recovery time required following this procedure, which could be anywhere from 2 – 3 months. Before the next phase, Dr. Shanard will take dental impressions so that your custom crown can be made. Once the implant has healed into your gums and jaw, the crown will be connected to the implant. If necessary, Dr. Shanard will make minor alterations to the implant and crown so that the fit is comfortable and secure.


After every step of this process, Dr. Shanard will provide you with home recovery directions. She can also recommend another visit to check the fit of your implant-retained crown. You should continue to schedule yearly dental exams and twice yearly cleanings at Contemporary Dental Arts. Furthermore, you need to follow a good home dental care regimen.


Sometimes, your dental insurance carrier might partly cover the cost of your implant-retained crown. Our financial staff will get in touch with your insurer to understand what portion of the price you may need to pay. Contemporary Dental Arts takes several forms of payment for out-of-pocket expenses or in case you do not have insurance. We can even help you find low-interest medical financing to make your procedure easier to manage.

Implant Crowns

Whenever you're missing a tooth, it may result in negative side effects for the rest of your mouth and teeth. That is why Contemporary Dental Arts offers implant-retained crowns as a long-term treatment to fix your smile. To find out more information about this particular dental treatment, contact our practice in Williston, VT to schedule an appointment with dentist Dr. Shanard.

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