Implant-Retained Bridges in Williston, VT

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Rather than being held in place by your natural teeth such as regular dental bridges, implant-retained bridges are instead supported by crowns on your existing teeth and to the implants in the jawbone. Your new implants are made of titanium and they are surgically incorporated into your jaw to help support the new teeth. Crowns are subsequently attached to the surrounding teeth to assist in securing the implant. This type of bridge would be a good solution to replace several missing teeth, but it can also be used to prevent putting too much strain on the implant. This process performed by Dr. Lauren Shanard utilizes innovative technology to create a lasting and improved smile. At Contemporary Dental Arts in Williston, VT, we only utilize high-quality materials to give you a beautiful and natural smile. Implant-retained bridges are a more affordable remedy to restore lost teeth and help you get back the appearance and function of your previous teeth.

Best Candidates

The best candidates for implant bridges are patients who are missing multiple teeth due to a variety of circumstances, such as trauma, genetics, or lifestyle choices. They may also be a good option for those prone to jaw clenching and teeth grinding. You must have pristine gum health to be eligible to receive an implant. If not, a bone graft or augmentation may need to be done prior to implant installation. Dr. Shanard will evaluate your overall dental health and decide whether implant bridges are right for you.

What to Expect

The installation of implant bridges is a multiple-step procedure. The first step is the surgical placement of the implant into your jaw. The tissue around the gums will then need several months to recover and the implant will need time to integrate properly. Before continuing, Dr. Shanard will verify the successful integration of the implant with digital x-rays. If they show that integration has gone according to plan, then it's on to the next stage of the procedure. Your custom bridge will be connected to your implant and the crowns will be placed on your adjacent teeth. Dr. Shanard will tweak your bridge if necessary for comfort and fit.


Throughout each step of the process, your implant will need to be cleaned daily. Dr. Shanard could also suggest using special tools that allow for a more thorough cleaning between the gum and bridge. You should also keep attending twice yearly cleanings to check the implant as necessary to optimize your oral health.


The cost of the procedure can fluctuate based upon the amount of lost teeth that need to be replaced. During your consult, Dr. Shanard will talk to you about the various restorative dentistry treatments that will best meet your needs and price range. Our financial planner will consult with your insurer, if you have one, to ascertain what may or might not be paid for by your policy. Contemporary Dental Arts also offers numerous payment methods to help make treatment more affordable.

Implant-Retained Bridges

The implant bridge procedure is a promising, sturdy option for the replacement of missing teeth. Using advanced, contemporary technologies, Dr. Shanard provides implant-retained bridges to revive our patients' smiles. To find out if implant-retained bridges would be the right option for you, call Contemporary Dental Arts to arrange your appointment.

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