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Whether it's the result of an injury or wearing down over time, a tooth that is cracked may cause pain and make it difficult to eat or speak. There are many types of cracks that can occur on the tooth including a craze line, a fractured cusp, a vertical root fracture, and a split tooth. The type of crack is based on the depth and location of the crack on the tooth, which also determines the best way to treat the tooth. It's important to get help at Contemporary Dental Arts as soon as you suspect a crack so your tooth is easier to save. A cracked tooth will not heal; however, dentist Dr. Lauren Shanard will try to repair the crack so your tooth is still functional and pain can be relieved.

Best Candidates

You may have a variety of signs that could help Dr. Shanard determine if you have a cracked tooth. Most often, you will experience discomfort when putting pressure on your tooth, particularly when chewing. There may also be sensitivity whenever your mouth is exposed to hot and cold temperatures. If not treated right away, the tooth can cause chronic pain and the crack can then turn into an infection inside of the tooth. If Dr. Shanard suspects your tooth is cracked, she will perform a physical exam and take digital x-rays to confirm the diagnosis. The exam and images will also be used to help her choose your best treatment options.

What to Expect

The position and extent of the crack helps Dr. Shanard determine the best treatment option. Following a complete exam, she will explain your specific case and create a plan for treatment. The main goal is to either avoid an infection or completely remove any infected areas. To treat a fractured cusp, a filling or crown may fix the crack and prevent it from expanding. If the crack has reached the pulp of the tooth, then a root canal treatment may be performed. If you have a vertical root fracture or split tooth, endodontic surgery may be performed. For some cracks, your tooth may require an extraction if it cannot be saved, in order to keep the infection from reaching your gums and other teeth.


The recovery process will vary based on your procedure, so Dr. Shanard will go over specific instructions. You should avoid eating foods that could possibly reopen or expand the crack, such as hard candy or ice. If the crack was created by bruxism (teeth grinding) at night, Dr. Shanard may suggest a night guard. It's important to maintain an efficient home oral hygiene routine to minimize the chance of infection. During your yearly dental examination, Dr. Shanard will continue to watch the cracked tooth as well as your general oral health so problems are treated quickly.


Procedures to treat a tooth crack are most often considered medically necessary so it should be paid partially by your insurance company. Before your procedure, we will contact your insurance carrier and inform you of your out-of-pocket costs. Contemporary Dental Arts takes several payment methods, plus our financial coordinator can give you information on medical financing.

Cracked teeth Treatments

A cracked tooth can be painful and may cause future issues if not treated properly. At Contemporary Dental Arts in Williston, VT, we will diagnose and treat a cracked tooth so your smile stays beautiful and healthy. For more information, contact our office and make an appointment with dentist Dr. Shanard.

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