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There are several over-the-counter choices for teeth whitening in your home; however, they don't always do what they claim and you could wind up wasting your money and time. At Contemporary Dental Arts, we provide professional teeth whitening that can be performed at home. Home kits for teeth whitening by dentist Dr. Lauren Shanard are a secure and efficient method to conveniently whiten your smile and erase stains. Dr. Shanard creates your home whitening kit to fit your requirements and goals so that you can get your best results. Your kit will consist of mouth trays that make the procedure more comfortable. If you're considering improving your smile with a professional home teeth whitening kit, then get in touch with our office in Williston, VT to schedule an appointment.

Best Candidates

If you want to improve your teeth in the comfort and convenience of your own house, Dr. Shanard may suggest a personalized teeth whitening kit. Your teeth may look dull or have dark and yellow stains that have built up over time. You might have attempted over-the-counter whitening products, but found them uncomfortable, ineffective, or harmful to your teeth. At Contemporary Dental Arts, the strength of the whitening treatment is customized to suit your own needs and aims, therefore it's an excellent option if you have sensitive teeth. A home teeth whitening kit may be used by itself or following a professional whitening procedure to enhance your results.

What to Expect

The home teeth whitening kit will be created by Dr. Shanard with whitening product and mouth trays. Before making your whitening kit, Dr. Shanard will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your enamel and dental health in order to choose the best whitening potency and formulation. For your teeth whitening trays, you may opt to have impressions made of your mouth so custom trays can be made, but it will take additional time to receive them. Meanwhile, we offer professional mouth trays that can be utilized right away. As soon as your kit is prepared, Dr. Shanard will go over the instructions required for every treatment, including how long and how frequently to use the whitening gel.


Your results will depend on the formula of the bleaching gel, your starting tooth color, and how often you apply your whitening kit. Once you achieve your desired color, you can quit using your home treatments. For result maintenance, you need to keep an excellent oral hygiene regimen and implement lifestyle changes, such as avoiding staining foods, drinks, and tobacco products. Additionally, you ought to schedule twice yearly professional cleanings at Contemporary Dental Arts so stains can be polished, and annual dental examinations so Dr. Shanard may check on your general dental health. You should keep your mouth trays clean and in a secure place, so in the event that you want to resume your whitening treatment, you would just have to buy more bleaching gel.


At-home teeth whitening is an aesthetic treatment, so it's typically not covered by dental insurance. During your consultation, our financial coordinator will discuss your price quotes based on your treatment choices, go over the payment methods we accept, and provide you with information on where to find medical financing. We are proud to accept many financing options including CareCredit® and Lending Club®.

Home Teeth Whitening

With home teeth whitening by Contemporary Dental Arts, you are able to personally and comfortably brighten and enhance your smile. With professional-strength whitening gel and a personalized treatment program, your home teeth whitening kit will be made by dentist Dr. Shanard to fulfill your wants and cosmetic goals. To find out more information on your teeth whitening choices, schedule an appointment at our office in Williston, VT.

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