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At Contemporary Dental Arts in Williston, VT, we take pride in providing exceptional results for our patients. Therefore, we greatly appreciate the feedback our patients offer us about our practice and the outcomes they received. We have compiled a complete list of our reviews to help other individuals who may be looking for a dental treatment to learn more about our practice. Our goal at Contemporary Dental Arts is to create a positive environment while also performing successful procedures for every patient. We invite you to browse our list of reviews in order to gain insight into what you can expect at our practice.

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Review from E.S.  |  Source: Google  |  Feb 13, 2019

UPDATE TO EARLIER REVIEW:I have now been a patient with Contemporary Dental Arts (Dr. Lauren Shanard) for nearly three months. I am undergoing a massive amount of work - replacements of many old crowns, three new implants, and a redo of 20-year-old veneers - and while the cost is staggering (as it generally is for this type and quality of cosmetic and restoration work), I am confident that I am making a wise investment at the right place. In the past, I was never charged for temporary crowns (that was a substantial expense at this office which I did not expect), but I have also never had such beautiful provisionals, which I appreciated as the lab took a while to create my permanent crowns (and Dr. Shanard sent them back to be redone because they were not quite perfect enough, also much appreciated). Dr. Shanard is superbly skilled with her hands, aesthetically discerning, medically informed, and up-to-date on the newest dental techniques. She will not settle for "okay" and spends extra time to reach her ideal. She maintains a very good network of related specialists (including my equally excellent periodontist and endodontist, with whom cooperative communication has been exemplary). Dr. Shanard‘s entire staff operates with the same high standards, as well as thoughtfulness and respect for their patients. The sophisticated facility is immaculate. I am now about one-third of the way along in my treatment plan, and up to this point, the results have been exceptional - far better than the work I had done by Manhattan dentists during my many years of living in that city. ORIGINAL REVIEW:As a new patient, I was graciously welcomed into Dr. Shanard‘s beautiful dental office. I was neither rushed nor pressured, considerate accommodations were made for my comfort throughout, and all staff were so very kind and professional. Dr. Shanard is thorough, knowledgeable, compassionate and patient. She clearly explained everything to me in both a medical and easily understandable manner. My initial experience has been excellent and has given me hope in my complex case. I look forward to continuing the relationship. More

Review from J.D.  |  Source: Google  |  Oct 04, 2018

i was a complicated case, crown/veneer on my front teeth s/p root canal with discolored underlying tooth. Dr. Shanard and Marie did an amazing job. My teeth are beautiful and natural looking, with similar markings to my other teeth. They are better than i'd hoped for! I am so grateful that i found Dr. Shanard as she is the ONLY dentist in Vermont that is certified in cosmetic dentistry. And thank you to her entire team as well....Marie, Penny, Wendy, etc. Every one was friendly, informative and welcoming:) I look forward to seeing them again on my return to Burlington! More