Resorptive Lesion Discovered and Replaced With Dental Implant - Williston, VT

Procedure Details

During this young womans routine dental exam, a resorptive lesion on tooth #7 was discovered. This type of problem can destroy a tooth without any symptoms. The patient was completely unaware of the condition of her tooth. Dr. Shanard advised that the tooth be removed and that it be replaced with an implant and ceramic crown. On that very same day, the tooth was removed and an implant was placed. An implant-supported provisional crown was created and cemented on the implant. The provisional crown was specially designed to nurture and guide the healing of the gum tissue in exactly the same place that it was prior to the extraction. After six months of healing, a permanent implant-supported porcelain crown was fabricated and cemented in place. This restoration was virtually undetectable in her smile. In fact, during the entire time that she wore the provisional crown, not a soul could tell that she had had a tooth removed! The patient is delighted at how undetectable her implant and crown look...


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