Dental Practice - Contemporary Dental Arts

Dr. Lauren Shanard welcomes you to Contemporary Dental Arts, P.C., our dental practice in Williston, Vermont. We provide comprehensive care for all of our patients, from routine checkups and cleanings, to more complex dental implant procedures. Dr. Shanard specializes in cosmetic procedures and she really enjoys helping patients improve their self-esteem.

We want to create beautiful, functional, distinctive smiles for the faces of Vermonters, and for New Englanders abroad. People that choose to travel here from a distance away. We do have patients that do that.

For many years, actually 25 years, I've created some of the most distinctive smiles in our communities. From nurses, to organic farmers, lawyers, clergy, college students, and even beauty pageant contestants. We just, we love designing smiles for people and that's kind of what we do.

I think the thing that sets Contemporary Dental Arts apart from other practices and sets me apart from other practitioners is certainly a very, very big focus on quality services, and customer service. I don't think you can go any other place in this area and have the level of customer service that you will have here. There is a tremendous focus on detail, every detail is taken care of in terms of patient treatment and patient needs. People are treated like family here and I think that's hard to come by in this day and age.

So, at Contemporary Dental Arts we do everything in this practice. We have an entire array of general dentistry services that we do. From routine cleanings, and simple fillings to very complex implant procedures, both fixed and removable.

My specialty is smile makeovers and cosmetic procedures which often end up being full mouth rehabilitation type procedures. We have a lot of patients that come from far away distances because I'm the only accredited cosmetic dentist in the state of Vermont. I'm one of only 380 doctors world wide that have achieved the credential. So, my specialty within my practice is designing beautiful, functional smiles.

First of all, when a patient walks in the door they will notice immediately that the office is very comfortable, very high tech, very soothing. Unlike a lot of practices. You can pour yourself a cup of herbal tea, or a coffee on the way in and have a nice Lake Champlain's chocolate on the way out. During your treatment procedure you can relax on a memory foam pillow and listen to a great selection of music with noise canceling Bose headphones. We cover you up with a fluffy blanket and then you'll be done soon.

I work hand-in-hand with my team every day to provide the quality care that we do. This is the most compassionate, reassuring group of individuals that I've ever worked with. They go the extra mile to make sure that our patients are comfortable and happy throughout their procedure time here.

The thing that I would like new patients to know when they come to Contemporary Dental Arts is that we treat you like family. For us it's all about building relationships. We care about you as a person, we care about your family, and we care that your needs are met.

There are a lot of choices in the marketplace in this area for dental care. If you appreciate excellent clinical skills and experience and a focus on quality this is the place for you.