Composite Bonding - Contemporary Dental Arts

Composite bonding by Dr. Lauren Shanard at Contemporary Dental Arts in Williston, Vermont, can be a great solution for patients with minor cosmetic imperfections in their smiles. Bonding can be used to repair chipped, cracked, or broken teeth by applying a small amount of composite resin to the tooth. Dr. Shanard will carefully match the color of the material to the shade of your teeth and sculpt it in place to fit in to your smile.

Composite bonding is a process of replacing missing tooth structure with an artificial composite resin material. The composite resin is color matched so that it's virtually undetectable from the natural dentition.

The typical example is a high school athlete that gets hit in the mouth and they chip a couple of teeth. Patient comes in, we do a color sample, decide what color and characterization we need to recreate the natural tooth structure. We isolate the tooth. Sometimes we use anesthesia, sometimes not, but we isolate the tooth and then we apply the resins and the different layers of composite to create a natural stratified look to the tooth.

The recovery time is minimal depending on the size of the project. If it's a small fracture, you leave that day with a tooth that's completely usable and you have no sensitivity or problems afterwards. Bigger cases if they're multiple teeth that are fractured that need treatment, it may take more than one visit and maybe a little bit longer recovery time.

If you've been living with chipped or broken teeth, please call our office for a free consultation. We would love to help you.