Tissue Grafting - Contemporary Dental Arts

To treat gum recession, Dr. Lauren Shanard in Williston, Vermont, performs tissue-grafting procedures at Contemporary Dental Arts, PC. Many patients have receding gums due to genetics or gum disease, and others may be brushing too hard. This procedure can also be cosmetic in nature to create an even gum line.

The typical reason that someone has a tissue graft done is because of gum tissue recession, or a lack of attached gum tissue. People get gum tissue recession primarily because of genetics, but it also can be exaggerated by excessive tooth brushing. And essentially people are scrubbing away their gum tissue and exposing roots, and that's when tissue grafts are necessary. Some people think that this is strictly a cosmetic procedure, and it can be. If you're having a smile makeover done and your gum tissue heights are uneven around teeth, then a tissue graft might be recommended. But generally speaking it's a procedure that's done so that you don't continue to have gingival recession. If you're concerned about gum tissue recession and think you might need a tissue graft, please call our office and schedule a free consultation or contact us through our website.