Teeth Whitening Testimonial - Contemporary Dental Arts

This teeth whitening testimonial describes Carolyn’s experience at Contemporary Dental Arts in Burlington, Vermont and Williston, Vermont. Carolyn was friends with Dr. Lauren Shanard and had always enjoyed her bright, beautiful smile. Carolyn is very appreciative of the care that she received and the atmosphere of our office.

The procedure that I had done here was a cosmetic whitening. Dr. Shanard donated a professional teeth whitening to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and it was an auction. And I kept bidding against somebody else because I wanted it very badly. And I wanted Dr. Shanard to perform it for me. Dr. Shanard and I are friends because she's very athletic, as am I. And so we work out together, and she always is walking around the gym with very white, beautiful teeth. And so I recognized and saw her and noticed those.

The first time I came into the office, it's very warm, very welcoming, lemon water, an incredibly kind front staff, but also very professional, very nice courtesy calls. A lot of times you associate a dentist with a dreadful experience, feeling guilty about not doing enough flossing, or what have you. So it was just incredibly welcoming, extremely beautiful atmosphere, and kind staff.

I had my own custom trays fit to my mouth. That was my first procedure. And I had gel that they had me take home. And I saw teeth whitening results within the first procedure. And then I teach violin. I'm a violinist and perform. And I had people coming up and asking me right away what procedure I had done and if it was easy and if it was permanent. And I do drink a lot of coffee, and my teeth have stayed extremely white, so it's been great.

My teeth whitening procedure was very beneficial in helping me. I have a very big smile. I've always had a big smile, and I can't but help but show that smile. And having white teeth was just a nice bonus. It doesn't have to be done. But knowing that when I smile and when I'm smiling for many people to see each week, that it's a bright smile. It's a clean smile. It's a white smile. And that was because of Dr. Shanard. My experience here has been great. It's a clean, warm environment, very helpful staff, knowledgeable staff. And it was very painless, easy. And I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone coming here.