Veneers, Crowns, and Zoom Whitening- WILLISTON, VT

Procedure Details

This lovely woman had been a seamstress for many years and developed a habit of biting on thread, which created several unsightly fractures and worn edges on her front teeth. Her situation was further complicated because she was missing a lateral incisor and her large canine tooth had moved into the position of the lateral incisor. Dr. Shanard consulted with the patient and suggested doing ceramic crowns/veneers on her teeth and fooling mother nature to replace the tooth that she was born without. Her cuspid tooth was then reshaped to look like the missing lateral tooth and one of her bicuspids then took on the appearance of the cuspid to make everything look symmetrical and beautiful. The patient did zoom whitening before her ceramic veneers were placed to give an overall lighter more youthful color to her teeth. The results were life-changing.


Contemporary Dental Arts P.C.