Ceramic Veneers Used in Single Front Tooth Restoration in Vermont

Procedure Details

This is a fun case! Matching a single porcelain restoration to a natural tooth is the most challenging thing we do esthetically in cosmetic dentistry. This patient had a traumatic incident which broke off a sizable portion of her front tooth. At that time a composite filling was used to restore the tooth. The old filling was poorly shaped and the color did not match her natural teeth. Dr. Shanard recommended using a ceramic veneer to restore the front tooth to a life like appearance. By using a ceramic veneer, the lab technician is able to create all the characteristics of a natural tooth. Dr. Shanard used a single feldspathic veneer to accomplish the desired outcome. Prior to veneer preparation, the patient whitened all her teeth with Zoom 2 in-office whitening. The patient was delighted with the final result...


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