Sedation Dentistry - Contemporary Dental Arts

We offer sedation dentistry to our patients at Contemporary Dental Arts in Burlington, Vermont and Williston, Vermont. We understand that many of our patients have anxiety or phobias about visiting the dentist, and we offer a solution that allows them to get the treatment that they need. Oral sedation is extremely safe and will allow you to relax while we perform any necessary procedures.

Sedation dentistry means that a patient is having dental procedures done while they're in a state of complete relaxation. The perfect candidate for sedation dentistry is a healthy person that experiences fear and anxiety around dental procedures. A lot of people are phobic. They've had very bad childhood experiences, and they want something to help relax them so that they can get through the procedure without a lot of emotional trauma. In my practice, we do oral sedation. Oral sedation is very, very safe, and it's done typically just so the patient has a much more relaxing experience. Basically, it starts with a dose the night before of some medication to help you sleep. Then you take your first dose of the anxiety medication before you leave your home. When you get here, you may take some additional medication, and then you relax for your dental procedure. During the entire time, you're monitored very carefully for your heart rate, your blood pressure, your oxygen saturation, and all of those things. It's a very, very safe procedure because the drugs that we use, even in higher doses, are very, very safe.

If you are fearful or phobic, and feel that you would benefit from having sedation dentistry, please call our office for a free consultation.