Full Mouth Reconstruction Testimonial - Contemporary Dental Arts

David’s full mouth reconstruction testimonial details his experience at Contemporary Dental Arts in Burlington, Vermont and Williston, Vermont. After comments from his loved ones about the condition of his teeth, he decided to have the damage repaired. He is very pleased with the results and has regained the self-confidence to smile without feeling embarrassed.

Over the last few years, probably, starting around five or six years ago, I had comments made by several people, mostly by the family, alluding to the fact that I may want to go see somebody about having my teeth fixed.

Over the period of time, from childhood, you know, the dental care wasn't up to par, so to speak. Some of the local dentists didn't have the capability or the technology to be able to do what I wanted to do. And I was fortunate enough to run into Dr. Shanard up here in Burlington.

After several visits and some consultations and some discussions with the family, I ended up going through the procedure to have my teeth reconstructed and all the damage repaired and everything that needed to be done. The end result is beyond belief. I never expected to have an appearance, or have my teeth be this perfect, ever. So I'm very pleased. I think it's a huge investment in myself and it wasn't taken lightly. And I'm extremely happy. I can't tell any difference, they don't feel any different. Talking with different people or running into different people, I think the response I get from others is very pleasurable which I didn't get that before. So it does make a huge difference.

What prompted me mostly to have the procedure done is I work with the public a lot and I'm also in the sports community. So I get a lot of public attention and that was in the back of mind about my appearances and how my teeth looked when I smiled and everything else. So, that really pushed me forward a little bit, actually a lot, to actually have the procedure done with Dr. Shanard.

The staff here, I was nothing short of totally impressed. The whole atmosphere in the office is very first class. I've never seen anything like it before. Very impressed, everybody's so friendly, they make you feel very welcome. The attention to detail is second to none, I would say. Personally, I'm a very detail oriented person and obviously these people are the same way, no difference.

The results, I tend to look at my teeth quite a bit now, more than I used to. And I'm very pleased with the results. I really can't tell any difference, you know, from regular teeth. Actually, they are my regular teeth now. But it's amazing.

You know the comments are very welcoming, but I would say, first and foremost, it's a huge improvement to my self-esteem and self confidence, hands down. And that's the only reason that I did it.

You gotta go up there and talk to Dr. Shanard because every individual's different and you gotta find out what's best for you and I think it's money well spent.