Dental Veneers - Contemporary Dental Arts

Dental Veneers placed at Contemporary Dental Arts in Williston, Vermont can provide you with an instant aesthetic enhancement. Veneers can conceal minor cosmetic imperfections, such as color, shape, or alignment issues. Our practice can even do minimal or no-prep veneers for the right candidates, and patients are generally very happy with the outcome.

The perfect candidate for porcelain veneers is someone that is unhappy with the color or the shape or the length or the size of their teeth. A veneer candidate needs to have healthy tooth structure and also healthy gum tissue surrounding the tooth to be able to do a nice porcelain veneer. The process of doing porcelain veneers for someone involves fairly extensive preplanning for the case. A design has to be done that may be done digitally or it may be done in the form of a wax up. So the design is created, the patient approves of the design. Sometimes we'll even do a trial smile in the patient's mouth so that they can see what it looks like in advance.

Once they say they loved the way it looks, then we go about the preparation of the teeth. Sometimes, no preparation is even required on teeth to do porcelain veneers but depending on crowding or spacing, we may have to do some slight preparation before the veneers are placed. Some patients will go home with provisional restorations and some cases don't even require that because there's little to no tooth reduction at all. The recovery time for having porcelain veneers done is certainly dependent on the number of teeth that are treated. But for most cases, there is little to no recovery time.

If you find that you're unhappy about the color or size or shape of your natural teeth, call us for a free consultation. We're here to help.